Monday, July 20, 2009

1969-Forty Years Ago!

On July 20, 1969, Commander Neil Armstrong became the first man on the moon. He said the historic words, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

To walk on the moon's surface, the astronauts needed to wear a space suit with a back mounted, portable life support system. This controlled the oxygen, temperature and pressure inside the suit. On the surface, the astronauts had to get used to the reduced gravity. They could jump very high compared to on Earth.

The crew spent a total of two and a half hours on the moon's surface. While on the moon's surface, they performed a variety of experiments and collected soil and rock samples to return to Earth.

An American flag was left on the moon's surface as a reminder of the accomplishment.

**Do you remember where you were doing that fateful event?**


  1. et oui déjà 40 ans, un superbe post pour nous rappeler cette exploit
    and yes already 40 years, a superb post to remind us this of feat

  2. Super post, Kate. That day is one of those days, rather like when Kennedy was assassinated, when we remember what we were doing. I'd moved that very day into an old building in Ealing that was to become The Drama Studio. No electricity or gas, we moved in to stop people stealing the copper in the roof. My husband and I huddled in one room on the top floor with a picnic dinner and a portable radio and listened to the momentous event. Neither of us have ever forgotten it.

  3. Yes, who can believe it! I was with the rest of my school in the school library watching grainy images on a portable TV brought in for the purpose.

    My best friend at school was a third cousin of Neil Armstrong's - brush with fame!

  4. Anonymous5:23 AM

    I remember that day. How exciting it was. My wife's uncle swore it was all staged and at his advanced age, we didn't argue with him and that made him feel good.

    You did a nice photograph.

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  5. I was 4. I dont remember it, but I do remember watching space missions on our black and white tv and my grandma telling me every time they put one of those rockets up the weather got screwy. You could not tell it was not from the rockets.

  6. I remember where I was and what I was doing. Then I went outside, and stared at the Moon.

  7. I was not even yet a twinkle in my parents eyes. But I think it's great they've restored the footage. And I like your moon shot - very nice!

  8. I do remember that day. I was at home with my parents and sisters watching it on an old black and white television with a very small picture.

  9. Hi Kate...

    Thanks for stopping by Cedar Key DP!

    As an old Minnesotan, I can imagine how much you will miss Mexico! Especially about February...

    Glad to have found your blog, too. I shall spend more time in Visual St. Paul...

    With so many CDP blogs now, it's just impossible to get to all of them...

    Best wishes; have a great week.

  10. I must admit that I was asleep...

    If I remember right, the landing was delayed by some hours, and I had a job in my student holiday (we are 7 hours before Minneapolis). But I have seen the rerun ;-)

  11. I remember sitting up way past my bedtime, in my Dad's lap to see Mr. Armstrong step onto the moon. I can't remember if it was at night our time, or if they were letting me stay up to watch the news.


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