Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Greatest Generation #2

Domestic life in the early-to-mid 20th Century differed considerably from today. I wonder how many people today can their own food?


  1. j'adore ces vieilles publicités, nous voila revenu dans le monde de Norman Rockwell.
    I love this old advertising, veils from us income in the world of Norman Rockwell.

  2. I would guess not many. What were the jars called? Mason jars or something like that?

  3. Alot of people in the south still can and make preserves. I don't think they necessarily do it to feed their families, but it's a pretty big tradition down here. Some people like to give their own preserves and jellies as gifts during the holidays.

  4. It may be becoming more popular again as the interest in local food grows. I make jellies and jams and freeze raspberries and blueberries that I buy at the farmers market so I can use them in the winter.

    I love how some of the old vintage posters are relevant today too.

  5. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Oh my, Kate, this brings back memories. Mom knew I hated to pick peas or beans or dig potatoes, but I followed orders and did...

    because the stuff tasted great in the dead of winter; after I laid down on my belly and dug out, from under the bed, a quart of green beans, and mom fixed it with or without meat, I counted my blessings. There was food on the table. Thanks to canning and a lot of hard work. I enjoyed every bite.

    Those days of green Mason canning jars and lids are over and it is most unfortunate that most backyards are covered in lawn grasses that the rabbits won't even eat.

    Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for the comment you left me there.
    Pick a Peck of Pixels

  6. That's a very good question! I still remember my grandmother making marmalade of different kinds in our kitchen. This is almost unthinkable nowadays, having all sorts at the nearest supermarket...

  7. Great image. I'm sure more people are growing their own food now so the next step is preserving!

  8. my Mum does, but in small quantities!
    much more delicious than anything from supermarket.

  9. That is a good question. I don't can anything! We are going blueberry picking tomorrow. Maybe I should try canning all of the extra berries!


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