Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Come Fly With Me"

About two or three times a week, we take our dog, Maggi, to a dog park which is adjacent to the Minnesota International Airport. Maggi likes the freedom, and I love watching the airplanes takeoff and land. Several runways run parallel with one side of the park, and to watch I take my folding chair, camera, water and book while Jim tramps the area with our grateful and appreciative canine. As you know, Northwest was purchased by Delta, which is making numerous changes and eliminating the NWA main offices in Eagan, MN; many employees are being transferred to other locations and the unions are wrestling with the "merger." As a Minnesotan, I'm not happy that there will be changes for NWA and hope that air transportation out of the Twin Cities will not be adversely affected. By the number of takeoffs and landings on the runways we observed, the traffic still looks very robust!

I GOT MY REPAIRED CANON BACK ... FINALLY -- GOOD AS NEW! And I had a field day experimenting with it, snapping the aircraft.

"Weather-wise it's such a lovely day
You just say the words and we'll beat the birds
Down to Acapulco Bay"

Lyrics: "Come Fly With Me" -- Frank Sinatra


  1. Hi Kate, glad your Canon is back. My lens broke once and I bought a new one the same day. The thought of living without my camera was too much to imagine.

    On a related note, to your photos today, you may be interested to know that I am leaving this comment, via Wi-Fi, while on a commercial flight.

    PS: In response to your question about how long my hair was as a young hippie ... mainly in my eyes ... then later in life (in my 30s and 40s) I sported a heavy beard and a ponytail.

  2. Hey, you got your camera back. Hooray! Love the poem you quoted - perhaps a song? Film? I'm getting too old, Kate....

  3. Yay!! I know you are glad to have the Canon back. I am still contemplating a Nikon D40, but in the meantime, I bought another new camera. It's working pretty well! I have another example from it up today. :)

  4. glad you got back your canon!
    that is a nice plane collection!

  5. There is something about watching these big monsters glide to the ground that is magical to watch.

  6. Happy to see your camera is back and I like the flying pictures.
    So many airlines are merging. Who knows how it will all turn out.

  7. I love to watch the planes, too. After all the years I've been flying I still think it's magic. Hope you don't end up like us after American took over TWA, with fewer and fewer direct flights.

  8. The camera is back? I never thought you'd see it again! Have fun snapping away.

    These are a great collection of plane photos. And Frank is my favourite :)

  9. Congrats on Getting your camera back. It is tough, I know, to wait for their return. I just got one of my nikons back on Monday after waiting a month.

    Love the shots of the airplanes. I have not been to that dog park before but know many who have recommended it.


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