Monday, July 13, 2009

Breaking the Rules

On Family Day we trooped out to visit the camp where our 7-year-old granddaughter is happily attending for much of the summer. We toured the camp and was treated to her skills navigating a canoe. Only one problem: while "showing off" she and her fellow camper disappeared around a bend in the lake, out of sight of the counselors which was against the rules. Well on their way to a favorite spot, an Island, a wise parent in another canoe, guided them back to the dock. Lots of mischief, but it sure looked like a lot of fun!


  1. cela me rappelle enfant, les ballades sur la Dordogne (fleuve du Lot dans le Périgord noir), cela me donne envie d'en refaire
    it reminds me of child, ballades on Dordogne (river of the Lot in black Périgord), it gives me desire to do again it

  2. Looks like they are gliding on the water. I like that reflection.

  3. Row, row, row your boat,
    Gently down the stream!
    Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
    life is but a dream!

    Fun foto - I LOVE to canoe!

  4. Goodness Kate, I can't believe any granddaughter of yours would cause such trouble. I wonder which side of the family she gets it from. ;)

    Very nice picture. They look to be having a great time!

  5. Great fun. When I did this when I was at school as part of a bonding day (what a load of rubbish!) I got very wet!!

  6. Beautiful photo and nice story: I love the idea of these kids rowing to their island around the bend of the river!

  7. reminds me of my 8 year old girl. :)

  8. But seven years old CAN do already everything, no scare at all, only old people have a great talent to imagine, what can happen and we grandmothers especially :)

    Very nice post and wonderful children!

  9. I thought you were going to say they flipped over while you were watching. Little rebels instead. Hopefully she'll never get in any more trouble than going out of sight.


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