Saturday, November 11, 2006

Scott, the student

Fitzgerald Series: St. Paul Academy's first school (an all-boys school) on 25 North Dale that F. Scott Fitzgerald attended. The school expanded and became co-ed over the years and has two campuses. Click here to see the Upper School campus as it appears today. Tomorrow I'll show you a close up of the statue of the youthful F. Scott that has recently been installed on the front steps of the building (look closely) which is now occupied by business offices.

Several people asked me for more information regarding Scott. Check this article for more biographical details. Fitzgerald's mother's family had the money and the social standing, and he socialized with the prominent families in St. Paul while he was growing up.

Today in MN History:-1940- The “Armistice Day Blizzard” arrives with no warning, and temperatures plummet from the 60s to below zero. The storm causes forty-eight deaths, mostly hunters caught unprepared and far from shelter. Fifty-nine sailors on the Great Lakes also lose their lives. (Historical information taken from the MN Historical Society's website:


  1. on continue a apprendre, et vraiment merci. Bonne journee

    one continues has to learn, and really thank you. Good day

  2. Anonymous3:43 AM

    what a nice place for his statue. great info Kate.
    have a nice weekend.

  3. Thank you Kate, for the link. As I read between the lines it seems that Fitzgerald was influenced toward his "high living" by Zelda as well as the era. This is just a beginning surmise on my part.

    I really should read his novels. I don't know why I haven't. I am an avid reader but for some reason I've never picked up any of his works. I should examine my own motives, huh?

    Honor the Veterans today.

  4. Neat shot. Am I the only one who thinks the sculpture looks a little creepy? I'm looking forward to seeing the close-up tomorrow.

  5. Good information on such a great writer. It was compulsory to read his work back in school but I don't regret it.-)

  6. 59 Sailors died: I suspect most people don't know how bad conditions can become on the great lakes.


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