Thursday, November 30, 2006

Another friend!

Why are we so fascincated with primates? A relative, perhaps??!!

Today in Minnesota History: 1960- Novelist Ernest Hemingway is admitted to St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester, where he undergoes shock treatment for depression. A few days later, he commits suicide in Idaho. (Reference: MNHS.ORG)


  1. je dirais bien, que ce singe est attiré par un fruit que lui tend un visiteur a travers les grilles.

    I would say well, whom this monkey is attracted by a fruit that a visitor through the grids tightens to him.

  2. Very nice! Three blogs??? Where do you find the time? Beautiful imagery :-)

  3. This one has such interesting colors. I think we love them because they are so expressive and loving to one another. And they have hands so they can do a lot of the things we do.

  4. Looks like lots of fun things for the monkeys to do. Nice picture and coloring.

  5. Anonymous3:06 AM

    these relatives are such fun to watch =)

    re. hemnigway and depression, so many people are depressed nowadays it's starting to worry me.

  6. Maybe because they're smart and funny?

  7. Anonymous4:48 AM

    They are cute, but a small panda (
    Ailurus fulgens) was our favorite in Zoo last September.
    Are your grandchildren living near you,in same city, perhaps?

  8. hee hee...:))
    maybe ,kate, you are right??


  9. This is a beautiful photo, Kate. You've created a wonderful image with interesting composition and colors.

    The beauty of the photo captured me first. And then I thought about your question about why we are so fascinated with primates? I think it's because I can imagine swinging through the trees and doing the other things they do - it seems possible and they seem familiar - that is the source of my fascination. So yes, perhaps it is the relationship we can imagine that leads to the fascination so many of us have.

  10. Anonymous11:29 AM

    For me it is their human-like expressions and mannerisms.

    There's something touching about the juxtaposition of the monkey and the info about Hemingway's depression. I've heard that some animals suffer depression, but it can't be nearly the range of what humans suffer.

  11. Anonymous8:08 PM

    A: It's madness, monkey madness.


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