Sunday, November 12, 2006

Artist Rendition of the Young Scott

Somehow I hadn't envisioned the young Scott looking quite like this. I prefer the statue of the adult Fitzgerald downtown in Rice Park.
Click here and take a look!

Today in Mn. History:-1889-
DeWitt Wallace is born in St. Paul. Wallace would found Reader's Digest in 1922, and his family's fortune has benefited many educational and performing arts associations.

(Historical information from the MN Historical Society:


  1. Just like Young Scott, I'll be lazing in the sun today.

  2. This is so interesting! I didn't know this about him.

  3. tres belle statue. et merci pour ce "Fitzgerald'tour"

    very beautiful statue. and thank you for this “Fitzgerald' turn”

  4. the adult version has nicer hair ;)

    Was reading a novel yesterday, his name/work was mentioned several times.

  5. Anonymous6:28 AM

    You're right. Downtown statue looks far better. I think it's the colouring there that's the issue.
    To answer your question: Yes. Grad school all the way.

  6. Young F. Scott, sitting and waiting in the sun by the school - that's nice to look at. I would like there to be statues like this, in small towns and large across our country, depicting everyday activities we humans do.

  7. Anonymous7:25 AM

    i like the statue, very original.

  8. Yup...Great Gatsby that's creepy.


    That's a pretty cool scuplture actually... I like how they used bronze to gice him color (of course one he bacame an adult all the color went from his

  9. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Kate, I agree that the other statue is better. He looks stiff in this one! I don't picture him this way either.

    Love this series!

  10. Not quite how I imagined him - this statue has sort of a "Quaker" look to it, do you think?


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