Friday, November 03, 2006

Minnesota National Guard

I think that I can be forgiven for using this photo, which is not mine but has been published widely throughout the US. By now all of you have probably read about John Kerry's verbal gaff (and insensitivity) for which he finally had to apologize. In essence during a speech at a college he exhorted the students to study hard because if the didn't, they would "wind up in Iraq." Politicians, especially Republicans, have been outraged primarily because it's an important election year across the country, and they can make political hay because of Democrat Kerry's remark. Of course, most important, it's a slur against the intelligence of the men and women in uniform. The Minnesota National Guard in Iraq made this hilarious misspelled sign, having fun with Kerry's comments. Love those Minnesotans!

Today in MN History: 1989-The Minnesota Timberwolves basketball team plays its first game, losing to the Seattle Supersonics, 106-94. (Historical information taken from the MN Historical Society's website:


  1. LOL Kate. I'm glad you posted this because I had heard the controversy but not seen this photo!

  2. very funny photo reminds me of my English:)
    I like your MN history section!

  3. Anonymous4:18 AM

    respect to everybody but i'm so against any war.
    very sensitive issue for me.

  4. His comments really weren't about the soldiers at all.

    That was a vivid demonstration of how a spin machine can turn one thing into something else.

  5. I hadn't seen this. Funny!

  6. I agree with Annie. It's so sad to watch, from the vantage point of an outsider, how this war has polarized the people of your great nation.

  7. Jazzy, I agree with you. All war wrecks misery and it's very bad. Humans certainly do not learn much from the past, or so it seems.

    Annie and Robert, People in the USA do NOT like wars and this one, like Vietnam, has definitely polarized the nation. I tend to stay away from religious and political statements because of the possible negative effects. Because of the uproar, spinning, back-tracking and political nonsense, I thought that the soldiers displayed a great sense of humor, which is the reason I posted it. It's far more light hearted than statements coming from the politicians from both parties!

  8. I like the humor displayed here, amidst an appalling situation. Kate, I had no idea you had posted the mural that I show today. I thought I had kept up with yours so that I was not duplicating! Sorry about that, world.

  9. They are maintaining a sense of humour while all around them others lose it...

  10. Great humorous photo on a sad and touchy subject. Thanks for sharing it.

    Love your new profile picture Kate.

  11. Anonymous6:01 PM

    that's a cool new user pic Kate.

    hehe i like it a lot.

  12. Yes I got it. Its a great addition. I think you have the same charm and talents as that lovely lady had.

    The Lake Tahoe area is so beautiful. I think it is a lot like your Northern woods. I know you would like it. Come visit sometime.

  13. And why the Hepburn pic?

  14. I agree that the spin machine is running out of control. Kerry should not have said what he did. But he did not say anything I personally have not thought. And he had the grace to issue an apology. Bravo for the Minnesota's National Guard's since of humor.

  15. Photowannabe, I would LOVE to visit and talk photography. Who knows?!

    Meg, the new picture is a joke. Her name is Kate, my name is Kate. Saw her photo on a book cover, laughed, and knew I'd use it. We need a few laughs now and then; keeps us healthy!

    Have a great week-end everyone.

  16. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Oh and can John Howard remove his head from the bushes' behind too!
    (IF you don't know who John Howard is,... well lucky you)
    PS Good new profile photo again! You look younger every time!!!!

  17. I hope you don't mind that I voice my humble opinion on this matter - I think John Kerry was wrong in saying that but I also believe that was an unintended consequence of his obvious frustrations with the Bush administrations lack of sincere honesty in the current status of the situation in Iraq (among other things) - I still do not understand how we are "winning" the war in Iraq when Ocotber was the deadliest month for American Soldiers with over a 100 dead - that about 3 american soldier deaths a day, when we now have real threats of nuclear weapons in North Korea and Iran but did not find any weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, when the Taliban has gained strength in Afganistan because we have diluted our focus to Iraq, thats in a civil war. If we invaded Iraq under the premise that they had weapons of mass destruction, we had better invade North Korea and Iran as well, to be fair and impartial so other countries do not think we are just a bunch of cowards when it comes to real threats. Thanks for posting this - its a great way to open our voices for discussion on an important matter =)

  18. Kate, this is a great photo and good for these guys taking Mr. Kerry’s comments in stride. But I have to say I 100% agree with Kala.
    I’m thankful you’re not afraid to post things like this and I’m thankful Kala and the others are not afraid to express what they feel. It IS such a sensitive topic/situation and we all have our opinions. We walk this fine line doing DP…we try not to offend anyone and show a slice of life in our cities, but it’s not all about travel and landmarks…this is life, life here…in our cities. I also wanted to point something out. Though I think Mr. Kerry made a huge mistake in saying something incredibly offensive, when I look at the list of soldiers killed in Iraq (as I do every Sunday)the largest percentage of them are young men who are 19 or early 20s. Simple mathematics tells us these men most likely went straight into the service. It’s also a well know fact that military recruiters target the same kids that colleges target-High School. My cousin just graduated high school and 2 weeks later he was shipped off to begin training as a Marine. This puts knots in my stomach.

  19. Anonymous11:50 AM

    I'm guessing that the subject of John Kerry's misrepresented comments have been about talked out by now. I still get fairly angry about how this whole thing has been spun.
    In the transcript of Kerry's speech, he shortened the comment which, in its original form, was to read: "Do you know where you end up if you don't study, if you aren't smart, if you're intellectually lazy? You end up getting us stuck in a war in Iraq . Just ask President Bush."

    Another thing the "news" sources won't do is to show the clip along with the response he got. There was a round of laughs that came from the audience. They GOT the joke, because -- in context -- it was without any question whatsoever, a jab at Bush, not the troops.

    (See Kate, I do visit your blog. And now I'm all polically riled, instead of simply enjoying your photos.

    ¡Lo siento mucho!)

  20. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Hmmmm....I do not think it was a slur against their intelligence. Just another example of the Republicans trying to incite anger.

    What's wrong with telling the truth? Are we so P.C. that the truth counts for nothing anymore? Afterall, the majority of those that enlist in the military these days are kids whose families come from less affluent backgrounds and the military is often a good option to gain skills and scholarships to college after they are out.


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