Sunday, November 19, 2006

Carol and Keillor

Yesterday I met St. Paul Carol for the first time at Nina's Cafe in the Blair Arcade. Downstairs the bookstore owned by Garrison Keillor was having a neighborhood Open House. Garrison autographed books for hours and here he is with Carol as he signs her books for her. For more pictures of the Open House which was very crowded, click here, walk in and join the festivities!

On the Opening of a Bookstore On Western and Selby
by Garrison Keillor
On the high hill above the river in St. Paul,
Against the advice of cautious engineers,
The Archbishop insisted his Cathedral should stand tall
And French, and so it has for eighty years,
Back behind its stone magnificience, on drowsy streets
Of gabled houses, brick and stone and wood,
Are a thousand stories of the daily feats
Of courage that are love and parenthood.
Each lighted window represents an enterprise
By strangers whom I feel I ought to know
And so, in a cellar with windows to the skies,
I sit and read heroic tales of long ago.
A cold fall day and we are strangers, far apart.
But in these books I find some secrets of your heart.

Today in Minnesota History: - 1981 Heavy snow in Minneapolis causes the fabric of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome to collapse and rip. (Reference:


  1. My inside me doesn't feel like my outside me looks like that. It was fun chatting with Keillor while he signed my books. He seemed interested in what I do for a living. (Oh, and it was fun meeting you, too, Kate.)

  2. belle fête pour l'ouverture et c'est sympathique pour l'orthographe.
    Je te souhaite un bon dimanche.

    beautiful festival for the opening and it is sympathetic nerve for the orthography. I wish you good Sunday.

  3. how nice that you get to meet carol :) lovely place and people,too!

  4. Anonymous5:04 AM

    i love to see DP bringing people together.
    great post Kate and it seems it was a successful 'Open house'.

  5. Three people sharing a moment. It's probably much more memorable for two than for the third. You and Carol were up-close-and-personal with an American icon.

    Thanks for sharing this moment with us, Kate.

  6. How fun for all of you to meet each other and on such an enjoyable occasion - I have been listening to Garrison Keillor for at least 25 years!

  7. its great that you have met. Its nice to see Carol waiting for the signature:)

  8. Lucky you! I've only met one fellow DPer! Wait, I live with him.

    I don't remember the 81 storm - I was in St Paul until January of 82, and I'm sure they were building it by then, but HHH Dome and the Malls of America, I've never visited - come to think of it, I didn't even go to either when I was on in Mpls for four months in '84....

  9. Anonymous3:28 PM

    how nice to see you two from DP family get together, it seems like it was a lovely gathering.

    i thought my comment has been saved here this morning, it seems like it disappeared, problems with blogger again.

  10. Thanks for visiting us!

    And, Jazzy I occasionally experience the same thing. I'm trying not to be too careless but it still happens. Don't know why!

  11. Anonymous7:25 PM

    How fun. Bookstores are a favorite hang out of mine!

  12. Ki Kate, Hi Carol... What a nice day it must have been! I love these wonderful bookstores that you have in North America! And how fascinating it must have been to meet Garrison Keillor, that we can listen from Europe thanks to the magic of the Internet! Hi Garrison!
    Thank-you Kate to make us share this day!

  13. This must have been so cool for both of you :) And meeeting Keillor would have been a real joy

  14. Great! I'd love to meet Garrison some day -- he is one of my heroes...

  15. OK I'm impressed. I've listened to A Prairie Home Companion for years. Neat photo of two nice people.

  16. Anonymous12:09 PM

    How fun is that!! I can't believe I missed this post. Way fun!

  17. That's great. Saw A prarie Home Companion recently, and loved it. Sad Robert Altman died yesterday, too.


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