Friday, November 17, 2006

An addition

This is part of an addition to the school in which I used to teach English literature and writing. Look closely and you'll see the art gallery on the first floor with part of the library above it.

Today in MN History: 1992- Jackpot Junction Casino, the first Indian casino in Minnesota, celebrates its anniversary (November 16–18). Originally a bingo parlor, by 1988 it had become a fully operational casino. (Historical information:


  1. c'est sympa d'avoir une belle galerie d'art dans son ecole. La nouvelle partie de l'ecole est tres moderne

    they is sympathetic to have a beautiful art gallery in its school. The new part of the school is very modern

  2. The building extension looks great! The art pieces can be seen from far away too!

  3. Anonymous1:15 AM

    I hope, you have nice memories from this building!
    Is this a glass part of the building
    made after rest of building? It looks interesting.
    Beautiful day for you!

  4. Anonymous1:20 AM

    I did not read carefully your post, I was only looking the picture! An answer is there!
    But what is the history of this addition?

  5. Anonymous3:36 AM

    in the night when lited, it could be mistaken with Lisi's shot yesterday ;)

  6. A school with transparent walls? it's a good idea for the rest of schools.

    I like it

  7. Anonymous3:46 AM

    art gallery within the school, how great is that.

  8. Hi Kate, I've been swamped and haven't gotten around lately. I really enjoyed your series on F Scott Fitzgerald. This addition to the school looks like the library and gallery get lots of good natural lighting which must be nice.

  9. Anonymous6:12 AM

    What a nice place to work and go to school!

  10. I'm going to remember Irrdento's phrase, "A school with transparent walls", it's such a nice idea. Schools sometime can seem so musty - but not this one. From the inside, one sees out into the world and from the outside one feels welcomed into the school. The designer did a nice thing here for both the school and the community.

  11. very modernist extension... mies influenced I say... ¿haw many time ago has it been done?... ¿70's?...

  12. What a great shot. You can see the art gallery inside. How wonderful to have an art gallery within a school. :)


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