Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ride, anyone?

The University of St. Thomas has two campuses, one in St. Paul and the other in Minneapolis. Students can shuttle from one to the other in school-provided buses. This one was idling at the curb on Summit Avenue. Some city buses also have some outstanding paint jobs, but this one represents the campus very well.


  1. I love it. So creative. I actually didn't see it was a bus at first. That's how good it is.

    You'd never see anything like that around here. That's for sure.

    Ps. How are your friends over at Starbucks doing? Did you ever tell them about your blog?

  2. Ya know, that is one of the most beautiful examples of mass transport I have seen in a good while! :)

  3. It should be mandatory that all buses in all cities make an effort to look as good as this one.

  4. optical illusion =)
    looks like a moving building - its great that they offer transportation!

  5. Wow! that's the first time I am seeing a college-bus like that - never saw any such thing, either in the east-coast or the southern USA or in Seattle.

    Very exceptional


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