Tuesday, August 15, 2006

¡Anticipation-Mazatlán México!

I posted this on Kate-travels, too, but I am so excited, I want EVERYONE to know that I'm going to live in Maz for 3 months in 2007. I have travelled a good deal over the years, but recently have found that I keep returning to México, a fascinating country with wonderful people. I just rented a house in El Centro, my favorite part of the town. I'll need to start brushing up on my very, very elementary Spanish skills. While there I will just vegetate, take pictures for my travel blog, and enjoy the culture. I also hope to volunteer in an orphanage, teaching English as a second language to the children.,


  1. Que bien! I'm so excited for you. These sound like wonderful plans. Any chance you'll become our Mazatlan Daily Photo correspondent???? Hope so!
    Oh, BTW, my apologies for refering to you in the comments section of SDP as Kate from Minniapolis. . .mea culpa. I always mix up the twin cities. Yikes.

  2. Anonymous3:53 AM

    How exciting! No wonder you say retirement rocks! Kudos on your plans for volunteer work as well. And thanks for stopping by!

  3. Kim, Kim, Kim!!! I forgive you, but you will NOT mix us again, or I cannot promise that no harm will come to you! Repeat after me: ST. PAUL, ST. PAUL, ST. PAUL, ST. PAUL

  4. What a great adventure is in store. I will armchair travel to Mazatlan with you.

  5. Good for you, Kate. I'm happy for you and wish you all the best on your trip. Even though I lived in Southern California, I never traveled south of the border. But I did take Spanish 101 and 102, and I LOVE the shrimp tacos at La Salsa! :)


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