Sunday, August 20, 2006


The next time you're in town, give me a buzz, and we'll go get the best burgers in St.Paul at The Nook, across the street from Cretin-Derham Hall High School. It's a saloon with several tables for fine dining. Although it's had several owners over the years, it's a neighborhood favorite, and the loyal clientele continue to eat there year after year. My DH went there when he was young, my own children also patronized the place, and now we take our grandchildren there--for burgers only, of course. Three generations isn't bad; bet there are other St. Paul families that have visited it over the years, too. Give me a ring!!


  1. I have not been to the Nook before, but places like these are hard to find.

    I really like the photo today.

  2. i like this photo. The place stands out with it's unique name and interesting design.

  3. Hi Kate,

    A Door County/Green Bay native likely appreciates her burgers (and brats and beer, too, not to mention cheese). It's nice to know about The Nook. If I'm in St. Paul I'll give you a ring and take you out for a burger!

    On my holiday I spent some time in Green Bay and had planned to drive up to Door County. I love the eastern side as well as Washington Island. I'll probably be sorry I didn't go this time - but then I'll be more than ready when I take my next trip to Wisconsin.

    I drove by the shrine and heard lots of folks talk about how this might be Favre's last year if he doesn't lead the team to victory! Oh, those Packer fans, they do expect the best!

  4. Yum...what's better than a burger and fries in a quaint little diner?!


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