Friday, August 04, 2006

If You Give a Moose a Muffin

The statue in the center of an exhibit at the Department of Natural Resouces Building looks frighteningly real. In the flesh they look even more formidable.
IMPORTANT NEW INFORMATION: Thanks to Matt's comment, this is definitely a moose. Research tells me that altho they may look alike, an elk has pointed antlers like a deer whereas a moose has broad, palmated antlers. In Colorado hunters can be fined big bucks (think thousands) if they mistake a moose for an elk. And to further complicate (it's all a matter of regional language) Matt is right; in Europe, the animal that we call moose, they call elk. Our elk is just a very large deer! These photoblogs are so educational!!


  1. you had me going for a split second - I thought you stumbled upon a moose but I guess you did - just not the living breathing variety - very kewl =)

  2. At first glance I did thought that it was real. Have a nice weekend Kate!

  3. before i read your post, i actually thought it was a live moose on a soggy patch of grass. do you know who did it? it's very realistic.

  4. Edwin, Since it's on the fairgrounds I imagine that it is the work of a MN artist. It's a permanent fixture there for as long as I can remember. I'll try to find out when I visit the Fair this year.

  5. Hi Kate! Sorry about my short absence.

    We have zillions of those in Sweden, real ones, but we call them elks. I wonder if there's a difference. Anyway, the Germans called our soccer team "the elks" during the World Cup. That wasn't cool.


  6. Great research, Kate. So when does hunting season start? Just kidding. :)

  7. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Moose, or as Mattias said Elg (in Norwegian), they look nice, but dont come close, they will stample you , kick you and use their antlers on you. They run over snow and can step over fences very high.
    They are really king of the woods over here.


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