Friday, August 18, 2006

Minnesota Workers-A New Series

Minnesota is blessed with a low unemployment rate, and those who are gainfully employed are very hard workers. Recently we had our front yard beautified by Lilydale Landscapers and liked them so much we had our back yard redone. Occurred to me that Minnesotans earn their livelihood in a variety of ways. In future photos I'll show you the way we earn our livings. Incidentally, do you like the tattoo on one of our favorite workers??!!


  1. I love the tattoo shot.

  2. Hi, Kate! for me, you've already been a part of the DP family. But I'm glad that your blog is now listed in the DP links! :)

  3. Anonymous11:01 PM


  4. Hi Kate,
    Thank you for linking to my skecth-book site. It's more like when I had good one and may be not only from New Zealand in the future.
    My Wife (Meg) and I have another main DP site ( Can you consider switching (or adding) link to there?

    And we could expect your front yard makeover shoots, right?

  5. Ben, After I got Meg's okay, I already put both of you on Kate-musing last night--Just ran out of time on this one and went to bed! Going out-of-town now, will add the other to this one when I return. PS. You don't have to post every day and only from NZ since yours is not a DP, and I'd love to see all your other shots from anywhere!!

  6. I like the post very much.
    The tatoo is grand.

  7. The lion looks sad. What did you do to it, Kate?

  8. It seems there is a very strong work ethic in the upper midwest.

    Tatoos have always seemed to be a mark of the working class, at least until this past decade or so when younger folks have been getting them to mark off some identity for themselves.

    I can't say I care too much for tatoos. I appreciate more the unadorned look.

  9. nice photos--check my site out if you have a moment.


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