Thursday, August 17, 2006

Como's Bonsai Trees

Conservatory at Como Park has a variety of unusual and unique plants in the many greenhouses attached to it. One of the spaces is devoted to Bonsai trees, nature in minature. "Juniperus Virginia" or Eastern Red Cedar on the bottom is 35 years old, and "Acer Palmatam" or Japanese Maple on the top is a mere 26 years of age. Check this site for a visual treat of Como Park:


  1. Isn't there some special art to taking care of Bonsai trees (or am I just thinking too much about the Karate Kid movies?).

  2. Bonsai trees and Mr. Miyagi go hand in hand. For those who don't know, Pat Morita (playing Miyagi) passed away on November 24th of last year.

    A sad comment. No witty Matt today.

  3. Thanx for adding the link of my blog to your links.

    I had two bonsais, both died, I dont't know what I did wrong. Inclussive I talked to them.

    Greetings from Perú


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