Friday, October 21, 2011

Comical or Scary?

When my children were in elementary school, clowns were familiar people at many youngsters' parties.   My adult son Karl revealed recently that he had been terrified of them.  Do you think I scarred him for life?!

Send in the Clowns
by Cath "Shandy" Carpenter (Clown)

Send in the Clowns - Quick for something is wrong
The crowd gave a gasp where it didn't belong.
Has somebody fallen - is death standing near
Are the Lion trainers hand's trembling with fear?
The band skipped a beat, there were animal roars
Quick "send for the Joey's to boost the applause"
Send for the Clowns when the Dogs won't perform
When the Tigers are restless with on-coming storm
In motley and costume their ‘entree' must last
Till the cage is assembled - then get ‘em out fast.
Send for the Clowns - what d'you say? They're all gone
Well, that's it, we're finished, the show can't go on
Who'll make ‘em all laugh - get the children involved
Till the danger is past and all problems are solved.
From when the Big Top goes up - Till the king pole comes down
That's the power and the glory of being a Clown.


  1. They didnt really scare me as a kid, but I dont think I would be comfortable around them now, lol.

  2. Ah well... you can't win 'em all! :)
    I don't think clowns are scary, but I don't particularly like them either. There's something odd about the painted on smile, I think.

  3. I do wonder where that fear comes from. I didn't have it, clowns were funny to me but, I did know someone who was also terrified of clowns.

  4. Clowns don't scare me, it's the background music on TV and in movies that make them scare me. That and wondering where the plot is going. I think they're fine for parties and the circus.

  5. I've never liked them, not even a little, but scarred? Probably not.

  6. Hi Kate, the reflection in the clouds looked like a block of white chocolate to me (being a chocoholic it would!!) Like the look of the wild rice almost as much as I like the sellers very appealing face and have to say my daughter is terrified of clowns also, I have no idea why? It really is amazing what they can do these days, was your husbands eye fixable by laser? One of mine was, but the other wasn't so obliging, had to have what's called a "skleral buckle' to hold it together. Hope all is well with him now and thanks for your well wishes, very much appreciated.

  7. I know someone who is a clown in his spare time. He has gone on trips with the famous clown Patch Adams to visit children in hospitals in the developing world. He showed me photos from his week in Costa Rica. They met up with local Costa Rican clowns in doing their hospital visits. It was wonderful.

  8. It was a little of both for me growing up. I got over the scary though, but I'm still not fond of them.

  9. I always thought that clowns AND the circus were both scary.

  10. Nice one, Kate. This clown has a warm smile, so she shouldn't scare anyone. But, I posted a clown shot a month ago and several people commented that they are afraid of clowns. We are all different, aren't we?

    Thanks for your kind comments. I am using the same Canon EOS 60D with an 18 - 135 mm lens that I bought a year ago. But, it isn't on automatic any more. I am finally learning how to use about ten percent of what it can do!

  11. Great shot. It's amazing how many people confess to a fear of clowns.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  12. I know someone who is afraid of clowns but this one in your picture is just happy looking and I can't see how anyone could be afraid of a clown that looks like that! Fantastic shot too.

  13. This one looks cute. Some horror movies make them out to be really scary.

  14. Some clowns can be scary to a little kid, I guess. But I doubt you've scarred him for life. Dress up like a clown and sneak up behind him and see what happens. That'll tell you! ;-)

    The interesting thing to me is that some clowns dress in suits - I'm thinking of Congress... :-)

  15. It's hard for adults to remember that kids really do see life differently. I think many, many children are afraid of clowns...and most grow up just fine. :))

  16. What a beautiful, colorful clown! Nice portrait of her, Great Kate!

    Sometimes I forget my eco-bags in my car, too! Trader Joes is a fun place to shop!

  17. I once knew a woman who couldn't even look at pictures of clowns without being afraid! I've always loved them and this picture is terrific!


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