Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Three Year Anniversary plus Highland Water Tower:Theme Day-"Big" September, 2009


Highland Park Tower
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U.S. National Register of Historic Places
Built/Founded: 1928
Architect: Clarence W. Wigington; Frank X. Tewes

The Highland Park Water Tower is located in the Highland Park area of Saint Paul, Minnesota. It was designed by Clarence W. Wigington, the nation's first African-American municipal architect. The tower was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.

The octagonally-shaped tower, on the second-highest point in Saint Paul, is constructed of brick and cut stone. It is 134 feet high and holds 200,000 gallons of water in a steel tank. It is topped with an arched observation deck, open to the public on special occasions for those willing to climb 151 steps. Beneath the observation deck, it is ornamented with carved downspouts and shields. The tower has been virtually unaltered since it was originally built.

Other more modern water towers have made this structure obsolete, but it still holds fascination for the people who visit it. Great view of surrounding neighborhood, the cities of both St. Paul and Minneapolis, and the international airport. Yes, I did climb to the top!!
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  1. Magnifique tour et surtout JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE, bravo pour tes trois ans et bonne continuité
    Splendid tower and especially HAPPY BIRTHDAY, bravo for your three years and good continuity

  2. My goodness, two BIGS in one day. A beautiful water tower and the third birthday of your blog. Many many congratulations for the later. That's quite some going and you are so to be congratulated. I hope you will open a bottle of champers tonight and celebrate.

  3. Good triple anniversary and spot on Theme Day: a big tower celebrating your enterprise.

  4. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Watertowers you can climb are always fascinating to me. This one is very nice.

    I know a young teen who climbed one in Greenville and threatened to jump but the person on the ground walked away and left him there to yell his intentions to no one and he climbed back down.

  5. Nice tower, congrats on 3 years!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS on your BIG anniversary! Wow - 3 years is a lot of postings! We used to live in Mac/Groveland on Wellesley Ave for 8 years so we drove past the BIG water tower many times. We belong to Gloria Dei next to BIG tower!

  7. What a beautiful old tower. Good choice.

  8. Congratulations on your third anniversary .. you have shared many wonderful memories and moments.

    I like the idea of an observation deck on water towers.

  9. What a great tower.

    Happy, happy anniversary - thanks for all your visits over the years. I'm not such a good commenter - lots of "stuff' in my life, but I love your blog and enjoy my visits, and appreciate yours so much.


  10. Congratulations are certainly in order. Three years? Wow! I'm just trying to get to one. Beautiful tower.

  11. Happy third year! I'm just starting out with my City Photos- but "water tower" was what struck me too as "big". I really like your town's tower; we have the usual "aliens have landed" towers.

  12. a great architectural find. Tall, historic, visually appealing, and definitely big. Great choice for theme day!

  13. It is a big deal for you today! Three years! Well done. Love visiting your blog and seeing your corner of the globe.

  14. Happy anniversary, Kate! I wish I could send you a piece of cake. this is indeed a big accomplishment. I love the tower...you always give such interesting information.

  15. Happy blogiversary!!!

    I like your "big" theme - both the tower and the good news.

  16. Three years...congratulations and I enjoy your posts. Keep clicking.

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