Friday, September 18, 2009


During the migration, trained volunteers exhibited the raptors and gave instructions on how an individual could hold the bird before releasing it. People stood in line to make a contribution to "adopt" a bird for the privilege of holding it briefly and then releasing it. It was fun to see how rapidly the birds soared and flew away.


  1. le rapace est vraiment très beau, je pensais pas que c'était aussi petit, belle photo.
    the rapacious is really very nice, I thought not that it was also small, nice photograph.

  2. Nice to compare the expression of the lady and of the bird...

  3. Excellent portrait of woman and raptor! That's a beautiful bird.

    Re: Mary Travers. One of PP&M's big songs was "El Salvador," and I know they were very committed to bring change and justice to that country.

    Thanks for your fine comment on Ocala DP!

  4. The bird does not look too happy about being held though. Luckily it's not for long.


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