Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Senior Speech

The school where I previously taught has a senior speech requirement for graduation that the students enjoy, especially AFTER they've completed theirs, and which the community loves. When a student's speech is scheduled before the all-school assembly, family and friends also attend to enjoy the performance, offer support and supply congratulations. I recently went to a former student's fun-filled and humorous speech which was delivered with great poise.


  1. elle a un beau visage, belle photo qui doit lui faire plaisir
    it has a nice face, nice photograph which must please him

  2. I hated those. Came to appreciate them later on when I found out I was pretty good at it.

  3. I'm provoked with blogspot since I and many others have lost their lists of followers, plus I do not know how to fix it. A fresh start never hurts, but without knowledge to repair it, it's just plain frustrating!!

  4. I'm sorry about losing your list. :(

    This senior certainly looks happy to have her speech over with. Luckily we didn't have to do that at my high school. It would have been a long ordeal anyway since we had several hundred in my graduating class.

  5. How weird that not all blogspot blogs didn't lose the followers list...have you tried to contact blogspot? "Known Issues for Blogger" is a blog on blogspot about issues...don't know how effective it is, but maybe worth a try???

    I think public speaking is a fabulous skill to have once out in "the real world"...

  6. It looks as she is really enjoying this! Very good portrait.


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