Friday, September 04, 2009


When we go to the State Fair, we visit all the animal areas: sheep, horses, swine, livestock, the Birthing Barn and Pet Center. We saw the birth of a calf, an animal being neutered in the Veterinary Medicine Center, and dog obedience demonstrations. Watching the competition and the judging of livestock was a fascinating experience. I was unable to understand the speaker because of the acoustics in the large Coliseum where this took place, so I cannot tell you who won the round of competition depicted in the photo. The animals' owners were of all ages and each took pains to present their animal in the best way possible. Yesterday's photos (take a peek--you won't be sorry!) will give you a glimpse into some of the behind-the-scenes preparation.


  1. No need to check yesterday photo, I have it well impressed in my memory!
    This not-behind-the-scenes image is very nice, could you post an image of the Coliseum? I'm curious about these huge structures.

  2. Anonymous12:51 PM

    I guess county and state fairs are the same all over. At least they look the same in photos.

  3. HAHA, behind the scenes.

  4. I like those pigs above but these cows are gorgeous too - just did a survey and there are about 80 CDPB blogs that are now three years old and still going strong.


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