Thursday, July 12, 2007

"We Wear the Mask"

"We wear the mask that grins and lies,
It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes,..." Paul Dunbar

How many masks have you worn and what kind do you wear? If I made a list of mine it would include: Physical-make-up, bridal veil, Halloween, masquerade, sunshades, eyeglasses, ski mask, scuba, goggles, surgical, camera,; and, Emotional-Smiles, Frowns, Anger (and these are all that I'll identify!) What does your list look like--do they hide or reveal?


  1. Hmmm, I've worn a scuba mask, a surgical mask, a ski mask, halloween, frowns, smiles, scowls, welders mask, oxygen mask - can't think of any more. Interesting question :)

  2. My Freddy Flinthof mask is with me all the time. (My right hand gets somewhat tired on occasion....)
    But watch "The good shepherd" to learn about masks.

  3. this mask is nice. i don't have masks except if i smile, i make a face, i'm in anger etc, etc ... (no need to wear a mask) ;-)

  4. oooh, very philosophical today, Kate!

    I have two beautiful Venetian masks on my wall - which leads one to think of all sorts of possibilities.

    You can visit some Sydney sand dunes today at

  5. Anonymous4:52 AM

    Whiskers, wrinkles and skin with things. My mask never looked so good as it did in 1955.

    My wife, Patty, and I have been married for 52 years today. Imagine that.
    52 married years

  6. Anonymous5:03 AM

    I probably have the same list, without the goggles and ski mask. I also think we wear different personae for different people and tasks. Not exactly masks, but slightly different, you know?

    Is this something you picked up in St. Paul by a local sculptor? Nice.

  7. I think what make this shot interesting is hands that hold the mask. That hands support the expression of mask. I really like the picture.

  8. Masks, physical masks, that is - like the masks in Venice, scare me.

    I love the question and it's true many of us wear masks. Actually, I'm an open book - even when I judge a dog show everyone says they know what I'm thinking. She doesn't like that dog or she loves that one! Not always a virtue.

    But yes, I wear make up, sunglasses, I've snorkled, worn a ski mask. Camera? Is that a mask? Well then I wear it a lot lately...

    oh and a few (read many) wrinkles, true.

  9. a moisturising face mask - I always live in hope!

  10. Whew, a deep subject today. Physical masks, oxygen, surgical, Holloween, face painting, makeup, sunglasses, a big floppy hat,snorkle mask, mud pack, set smile, blank look. Emotional masks like looking busy when not, the silent treatment, laughing at unfunny jokes.
    Oh dear, this is a downward spiral. 99% of the time I really don't wear a mask. What you see is what you get.

  11. And who is behind this nice mask?

  12. None, and like Jilly, I have the opposite of a poker face, so not very many emotional "masks" either.

  13. I'm definitely a masked person. What's inside is rarely suspected on the outside.


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