Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nathan Hale in St. Paul !!??

The following information about the statue is taken from the St. Paul Parks and Recreation Art Gallery webpage:

Artist: William Ordway Partridge
Media: Sculpture: Bronze; Base: Mount Airy Granite
Location: Nathan Hale Park, Summit and Portland Avenues

The sculpture depicts Hale, with hands tied behind his back, waiting his appointment with the gallows.

The inscription on the base quotes Hale's famous line, "I only regret having one life to lose for my country."

The Nathan Hale Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution donated the statue in 1907 in memory of the American patriot and hero of the Revolution. The land this statue rests upon was donated in 1882 by M.J. Hannaford, Kenneth Clark, and W.J. Jean.

For another view of this statue go to my ExtraExtra blog.


  1. Very interesting! Nearby Hale County, Alabama, is named for Nathan Hale.

  2. I've heard the quote, but didn't know the source. Very regal statue.

  3. I didn't realize there was a Nathan Hale chapter of the DAR. Now that is interesting.

  4. Great shot - most statue shots are not as well displayed as this one.

  5. Great post Kate, we usually forgot our revolutionary heroes.

  6. Not the usual pose for a statue. Interesting information too.

  7. Anonymous3:56 AM

    I admired your photograph of Nathan Hale in your city and that caused me to think about a statue in our city. Considering the huge difference in size (we have about 6,000 people) I would have to dwell on this thought a long time to think of anybody here who would deserve a statue dedicated to someone for something they did here. There are plenty of politicians and would-be preachers who would stab each other in the back to get themselves hung out in the rain for all to see, but nobody deserves that much attention. I just think it is interesting to try and think of someone to accord that honor to.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  8. A short note to say thanks for visiting NYC Daily Photo. :-)

    Will check out your photos when I get back to NYC in two weeks.

  9. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Very nice photo (I love historical statues) and a very informative post--I didn't know that the quote was from Nathan Hale.

  10. An interesting piece of American history I was unaware of (of which I was unaware?)
    Good image, too

  11. I would not have expected status about the American Revolution to appear on the West coast. Logically, Daughters of the American Revolution would live on the West coast and you are part of the US. So I guess it makes since ... I wonder if Hawaii a chapter or status donated by the Daughters of the American Revolution?

  12. I wonder if I could face my doom with such uprightness, such fortitude?

  13. What a handsome man and a fine statue. I'm ashamed to say I'd never heard of Nathan Hale and have just spent a fascinating 20 minutes reading about him on the Internet. This is one of the many joys of DP, one learns so much.

  14. HEY KATE!

    Thanks for stopping by! Long time no chat! ;)

    And HEY! We both posted bronze statues it a mini-theme?

    Life's settling down...after losing my Dad it was just kind of hectic...getting aaaaaaaaaall his (and Mom's) stuff sorted out...and (unfortunately) my hubs and I are splitting up....sooooooooooooo!

    There you have it! Crazy time in Santa Clara but all's groovy!

    I'm a glass-half-FULL kinda girl (I think all the DPers who know me know THAT! LOL!) and know that things will all work out in the end!


  15. Nice picture, thanks for sharing


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