Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Lovely Legend!

Olive Jean made an appearance at a recent luncheon for former and retired staff and faculty, which is an annual event at the school where I used to teach. This outstanding woman who retired 28 years ago is still honoured, loved and respected by all who knew her and who had the privilege of learning more about music from her. It was fun watching how delighted her former colleagues were to see her, greet her and reminisce about past experiences. Ever curious and enjoying life, Olive Jean still takes harp lessons for personal enjoyment.


  1. Kudos to Olive Jean. One of my aunts was named Olive and she lived to be 96! May Olive Jean live long and prosper, and it's fantastic she's still taking harp lessons, but I'd guess she has a tough time carrying the harp around! :)

  2. Quite a lady! Good portrait, Kate!

  3. How awesome to catch up with an old friend you haven't seen in a while. She sounds like the kind of person you love talking with.

  4. I think I've answered your comment over at Vreni's post today about that fellow's T-shirt.

  5. What a wonderful portrait of Olive Jean. I think it't great that she is taking harp lessons, age has no limits.

    1. She is an accomplished musician herself and a beloved educator.

  6. Well done Kate, what a marvelous time for you both! Olive looks like a lively character!


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