Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair ended last night. . .really the official "end of the summer" for most school-age kids.  Although I still have a few more Fair photos to post, I particularly like this large poster/billboard at one of the entrances.  I like it because it depicts many important objects and scenes of Minnesota.

From left to right:

 1. A Walleye--symbol of the state

M. The state flower: pink and white lady slipper
 I  .  Paul Bunyon, legendary folklore figure, born in Bemidji
N.  Up North Scenes including Babe, the Blue Ox who is Paul Bunyon's companion, and the Witch Tree
N.  The state capitol building, a wolf, and Cantebury Race Track
E.  Lake Superior lighthouse, Split Rock, and the Common Loon, state bird
S. Red Shoes of Judy Garland, harmonica and guitar for Dylan
O. Spoon and Cherry Sculpture at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and John Gehry's Weisman Museum at the University of Minnesota campus
T. The Lift Bridge in Duluth, shipping vessel and wheat representing one of the major crops and the milling industry
A. Steamboat on the Mississippi, Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, Land of 10,000 lakes.

 I intend to go back to the Fairgrounds in a few days after all the vendors have left the scene to check it out again to see if I missed anything.


  1. Summer is over. Bring on the beauty of autumn.

  2. i like that sign too!

  3. A complex and informative mural Kate..I think if you go back when the fair is over it'll make a great shot..

  4. I guess every season needs to end. But it's nice to have it makred or celebrated in a way.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. "Land of a 10.000 Lakes" - love it!

  6. There is a lot packed into that beautiful mural.

  7. that's very cool - thanks for detailing it for us.

  8. I love it, a very cool mural. Will it stay there after the fair is gone?

  9. Nice! Who would have thought that so much information could be imparted in nine capital letters.

  10. Hearing that summer is over sounds strange. When we arrived in Texas Sunday it was 109 degrees! Cool sign...I agree...Janey

  11. I have seen state stamps and postcards like this before but never a wall-size mural. Very cool!

  12. That looks like a classic postcard! Very cool! And I had no idea Minnesota laid claim to the likes of Paul Bunyon, Judy Garland, and Dylan. Hope you had a good time at the fair!


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