Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ABC WEDNESDAY -"E"-Eager to Eat!


The ducks will follow us everywhere on campus, eager to be fed...a little corn and bread work marvels for imprinting.

Since I have been posting lots of photos recently that I've taken on St. Kate' campus, I should tell you a little bit about it:

A dynamic university educating students to lead and influence, St. Catherine prepares students to make a difference in their professions, their communities and the world. At the University's heart is the largest, most innovative college for women in the nation. St. Kate's also offers a range of graduate and associate programs for
women and men.

Part of the campus backs up to our backyard.  Until a strong wind took it out, we had a white stile over the fence that our kids could use to hop into the campus.  The pond was a big draw where they and their cousins spent many happy hours with the turtles and ducks.

 I'd like you to learn more about the history of this university, whose campus I love, so click here! And to see more ABC Wednesday photos, go to this spot.


  1. "C'est la danse des canards
    Qui en sortant de la mare
    Se secouent le bas des reins
    Et font coin-coin
    Fait's comme les petits canards
    Et pour que tout l'monde se marre
    Remuez le popotin
    En f'sant coin-coin
    À présent claquez du bec
    En secouant vos plumes avec
    Avec beaucoup plus d'entrain
    Et des coin-coin
    Allez mettez-en un coup
    Maintenant pliez les g'noux
    Redressez-vous…" ;o))

  2. Ducks! They look a lot better than they taste.

  3. Florida ducks attack if they think you have food!


    Re Panera Bread - our first experience was at the Knollwood Plaza in St. Louis Park some years back. Panera Bread came to Florida relatively recently.

  4. I like these ducks better than Canada geese. :)

  5. Ducks always make good subjects for pictures. How wonderful that your kids were able to hop across the fence and have fun with the ducks and turtles Kate.

  6. Now they look like they are on a mission. Great duck shots!

  7. How cute, they are like little puppies following you.

  8. I take it you have lived in the same location for quite a while, Kate. The university sounds like a wonderful place to get an education.

  9. It is a little frightening, watching these intense duck soldiers coming at us . . .

  10. looking very determined!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  11. Eating won the day for both of us! And thanks for the link to St. Catherine's. I see that it too has become a university, just like my alma mater, Rosary College, became Dominican University. We were always partial to Catherine of Siena.

  12. What cute ducks, I once raised a duck that the mother had abandoned.

  13. Hello.
    I sometimes feed the ducks at one of my local parks. I find them quite frightening when they all come at you at once!

    Nice post.

    Evening Wind

  14. Anonymous8:51 PM

    always a quack away from eating eh !!

    Pheno, ABCW Team

  15. They will follow you around once they're hungry.

    Epcot's Spaceship Earth, please come and see.

  16. They look so cute walking! :-)

  17. I'm busy looking at the wooden bridge, I love it :))

  18. Love your parade of ducks.
    How nice to be backed against "your" lovely campus. Seems like a perfect place to grow up.

  19. Ducks. Ducks and squirrels-always eager to eat! Oh, and pigeons too.
    I think my son falls into that 'eager to eat' category too! LOL!

  20. I understand that if you have a problem with snails in your yard, getting a duck would solve the problem. They love to EAT snails.

  21. There's just something about ducks


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