Monday, June 11, 2007

The Source

As I surfed around the world looking at all your blogs, I felt somewhat dismayed that St. Paul had so few public monuments and statues, that is, until I really looked! In addition to the wooden carvings from fallen trees, our city has a respectable number of public art monuments and statues that I will continue to share with you.! (Now, all you people from around the world, don't fall all over yourself laughing when you see the dates that I post! We just don't have the ancient history as you do, but we're still interesting!!) Want to see more of The Source? Click here.

"The Source"-Artist: Alonzo Hauser
Media: Bronze
Location: Rice Park, 5th and Market Streets

"This sculpture of a young woman, located in the fountain of Rice Park, was created in 1965 and was donated by the Women's Institute of Saint Paul.

A plaque states:

"'The Women's Institute of Saint Paul dedicates this beautification of Rice Park to the Pioneer Spirit depicting the source of cultural, political, educational and natural resources in our area.'"

The statue symbolizes the city's historical past with the contemporary spirit of the day. (St. Paul Parks and Recreation)"


  1. pioneer women --these are my favorite monuments!

  2. elle est tres belle statue, en hommage a cette pionniere. bravo

    it is very beautiful statue, in homage has this pionniere. cheer

  3. nice statue.
    I havent found any such statues in Maple Ridge, but Ill keep looking.

  4. Nobody would expect St.Paul to have the same number of monuments, statues... as Rome, Paris...!

    I feel that all efforts to make your bigger or smaller city to something nicer are more than welcome including to give a chance to today's artists!

    Looking forward to see more of St?Paul's treasures!

  5. Anonymous5:21 AM

    It is a nice statue and fits the location.

    Baby raccoons. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
    Brookville Daily Photo

  6. It may not be all that old but it is a lovely statue

  7. I think about similar things when I see photos of statues and fountains and whatnot from Europe. Also old churches and cathedrals that date back to way before Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

    Still, like you said, stuff here's interesting too. It just doesn't have the awe inspiring age to go with it.

  8. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Statues are so different -- this one is intriguing. I like that it's also part of a fountain.

  9. I love sculptures/statues!!
    And this is lovely! :)

  10. Those are some serious braids on that statue!

  11. That is an interesting sculpture. Initially, I thought it was an Native American woman because of the hair. But the dress looked a little risque and modern for that period.

    Anyway, it is nice to see a sculpture dedicated to women in St. Paul.

  12. Anonymous10:21 AM

    I agree with Ming, the dress is a bit shocking. And ... am I the only one who thinks that her hair is in dreadlocks?

  13. Anonymous11:36 PM

    if you like "the source" check out Hauser's other statues (Veteran Service
    Bldg. on Capitol grounds in St paul)--it actually was meant to be the 2nd World War Memorial or his stone figure at the Marjorie McNeely Horticultural bldg at Como Park-also at Victoria and Summit-a huge Christ Figure on a church (i forget the name) tony-the atist's son


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