Saturday, June 23, 2007

Illegal Post #2

An illegal post because I'm posting from Green Bay on my visualstpaulblog. Don't report me to any blog police that may be lurking around ;>)
I'll stop blogging these great photos (to some, I suppose, offensive?!) when I return to St. Paul about the middle of next week.


  1. GRRRRrrrr. I've gotta say I'm not pleased to see all this "spinach and lemon" propaganda on a ST PAUL blog.

    I'm looking forward to your return and to some BETTER pictures! ( :) )

  2. Anonymous7:31 PM

    You may think it odd that someone in the North-East of the UK enjoys American Football so much, but that's me. Vince Lombardi is a central figure to the history of the game and the early Packers were awesome.

    My favourite team were the Miami Dolphins when Dan Marino was QB with the "Super Duper" twins marauding down the wings. Watched Chicago vs Dallas at Wembley in 1986.

    Nice posts.

  3. Oh, I don't mind the illegal posts, as long as your sister is recovering!
    Enjoy the winter sun in Sydney!

  4. You've been caught. Go directly to jail, do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.

    By the way I posted "bugs for breakfast" for a pair of ducklings today on New

  5. Lots of action here. Don't know much (meaning nothing!) about basketball - or is this baseball - so you can see I'm rather lost here. Nice photo tho!

  6. I always like to see posts from the past but was wondering who was in the picture. Paul Hornung and Bart Starr? Glad to hear things are more optomistic with your sister.


  7. Oh, I have such a soft spot for Brett Favre. It's going to be such a sad, sad day when he finally retires.


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