Saturday, June 23, 2007

Illegal Post #3

Three legendary greats! (I'll be back in St. Paul next week and will make-up for lost time by visiting your blogs then---wait for me!!)


  1. I've been enjoying your temporary photo location photos.

  2. Kate you rebel!! I didn't know you had it in your to do such an illegal act! :)

    I'm so glad your sis is better! You all must be thrilled.

    Been missing you.

  3. I understand you have some good reasons to be "illegal", so you are certainly excused! Good of you to keep the daily rythm!

    I took a few days "off, and now I have lot of stuff to look at and to read!

    Amazing how some sports are extremey popular on some continents and not at all on others! Here in France, we have the World Rugby Championships coming up in September. That's a great event here!

  4. belle serie, je suis un fan de reggie white. mais j'ai pas compris le titre "illegal post" ?

    beautiful series, I am a fan of reggie white. but I did not understand illegal title the “post”?

  5. When I was little, in the 60s, my Dad would watch some football and Ray Nitschke always scared me. They'd show him on the sidelines and he'd be scowling and had most of his front teeth missing. He was an intimidating figure.


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