Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Shrine-An Illegal post

There's a good explanation!!

I'm back in Green Bay, Wisconsin since my sister was discharged from the hospital yesterday. Alleluia! She is doing much, much better than expected and is recovering with great virve! She needs to use a walker, will be visited by nurses, occupational and physical therapists, and I'll stay for about a week to help her very supportive family!!

However, I thought I'd post some "illegal photographs" here to let you see what "Titletown, USA" looks like to football fans. I have to use the central library so I probably will not be posting or commenting with regularity 'til I get back to St. Paul next week. See y'all then!! Gotta run back to the house now!!


  1. So glad to hear your sister is so much better. What great news! So happy for you and your family, Kate.

    Can you explain to an ignoramus why these are illegal photographs. I'm mystified.

  2. You mean it's illegal to take photos of monuments there? Amazing. Here, in Boston, security guards don't let people take photos in subway stations and most indoor malls. :(

    Take care.

  3. When I saw the thumbnail of this picture I thought it might be Stalin but then I thought no, not in Seattle (although there is a rather intense statue of Lenin in a nice residential neighborhood in Seattle). Now I get it. Stalin and Lombardi were both pretty intense but one of them was on the dark side of the force big time.

    Green Bay natives are crazy. One of the lawyers in my firm is from there. He's been in STL for over 20 years but his Missouri license plate is PKR FAN. When his beautiful daughter was first old enough to go out trick or treating, he dressed her as Bret Farvre.

    Hope your sister has a full and speedy recovery.


    St. Louis Missouri Daily Photo Blog

  4. Nice to hear your sister is doing great!

  5. With your post today, you may need to 'watch your back' once you're home!
    Enjoy your time with the cheeseheads (and the family too!)

  6. Not only is this "illegal" for not being in St. Paul, but it is in homage to the Green Bay Packers, arch rivals of the Minnesota Vikings. Oh, the audacity! Glad your sister is doing so well and that you can be there to help.

  7. I hope your sister is better.


  8. je suis content pour toi et ta soeur. voila de quoi passer un superbe weekend. j'adore cette statue, pour moi mister vince lombardi est un hero

    I am content for you and your sister. veiled what to pass a superb weekend. I adore this statue, for me mister vince lombardi is a hero

  9. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Nice shot of a great coach. I think I liked him more after his career was over then I did when he was working.

    Sounds odd.

    I am back from my self-imposed vacation.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  10. Are they going to let you back into Minnesota after posting a photo of Lombardi, Kate?
    Of course, you know he is revered here in Wisconsin!

  11. First of all I'm happy to read that your sister is feeling better. Then I'm afraid that we all love your "illegal" photo :-)

  12. We don't care if they are illegal...we are just delighted for you and your family that your sister is doing so well. You take care of yourself too.

  13. Great news about your sister. I don't know about you, but I deal with my own afflictions much better than I do seeing the ones I love sick.

    Hey, they're not illegal. It's your blog. You can post what you want, despite the title.

  14. Kate, I love the angle on this shot of the statue!


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