Thursday, June 28, 2007

Companion Photo

Jenny from Sharon, Ct. posted this lovely photo yesterday which reminded me of a photo of ferns I took in my neighbor's yard. So...I decided to post a companion piece.


  1. Anonymous5:03 AM

    Hi Kate....
    Are you back? Am glad to see your post today. Was unable to locate it yesterday. But then I didn't wait around long as I had other things going on.

    I like the green ferns you have posted. All of my ferns were killed, this spring, when they started to come up and then we had three weeks of freezing temperatures.

    The only ferns I have left are the Japanese variety--a much nicer fern and one I am thankful that didn't freeze out like the other green ones.

    We are still dry. Rain comes. Thunder and lightening too. The sky is a spectactle of previews of downpours but then it moves on out of town without a drop. I think Lucifer himself is behind it.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Have you ever seen a Great Blue Heron?
    Brookville Daily Photo

  2. Green and fresh! Here, under the rain, grass can be seen growing up...

  3. un panoramique sauvage, belle idee

    a panoramic savage, beautiful idea

  4. Lovely greens...a beautifully captured shot!

  5. Oh great, no more sports people I've never heard of. Only kidding. And how did I miss the delicious worker yesterday?

    Ferns? Love ferns. Only a few seem to grow here - too hot I suppose.

  6. Our place is MI is called Fernwoods!
    They are so green and lacey this time of year, but they start dying our in late July and the look is not pretty ;-)

  7. A very nice picture and I learned a new word: ferns. Thanks. I knew almost nothing about plants or birds before blogging, but now it comes slowly!

  8. I've always love how lush and green ferns are. Lovely Wife ususally hangs a couple out every year and they get so massive in the florida heat and humidity they look like something from a science fiction movie. Alas, this year, she "only" hung flowers.

  9. Ferns and their greens can make me happy any day and I'm glad you are back:)


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