Friday, June 29, 2007


Recently a Children's Festival was held in downtown St. Paul. These banners were stretched in various designs near the historic Landmark Center Building. To me they seem to be symbolic of life, in a way. They can be stretched and formed to make a beautiful design, as we often do with our own life, yet the fabric of life is fragile and needs care and attention so that it doesn't rent and tear. But,if that should occur, it needs experts and technicians to help restore it to its original shape or something closely approximating the original.

Many of you asked about my sister. Amazingly she's on her way to recovery...slowly, but we are very encouraged. I had lots to do as an advocate for ongoing treatment and to set up her living quarters to facilitate her daily schedule but it's working out, with the help of her children. Now we all need to move on to enjoy the beautiful colours and design of life!


  1. Beautiful Kate... the photo and your words. I, too, am glad your sister is better.

  2. c'est tres beau et tres coloré, on dirait presque des danseurs dans le ciel. je te souhaite un bon weekend

    it is very beautiful and very coloured, one would say almost dancers in the sky. I wish you a good weekend

  3. Lovely phot...and "Amen" to your comments.

  4. Anonymous2:07 AM

    This was good to hear, Kate!
    And your photo is just right to these news.
    Many happy summer days to you and your sister and everybody in your family.

    I publish occasionally - mostly in rainy days - in my other"free" blog,( no need to think legal or illegal posts :)
    with best wishes Leena

  5. you're right! it could be an expression of life fragility, very poetic!
    I'm glad your sister is better, really glad!
    Take care, Kate!

  6. I wish all the best to your sister!

    The composition of the first photo is great!!

  7. Thanks for the encouraging news about your sister!

    This is really a splendid idea! ... to see that you can do something relatively simple and tasteful like this to make your surrounding look even nicer. You are at the same time not really changing or "destroying" anything, so one day, if you get tired of it and want something else, you can take them away or replace by something different.

    Really nice and nicely illustrated! Thanks!

  8. Anonymous5:17 AM

    The writing is good and the setting for the photo or the photo is great. I like the looks of the buildings a lot and the colorful thingys just makes them stand out.

    All good news.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Tiger Swallowtail

  9. really nice photo, well done.

  10. Hi Kate, happy to hear your sister is coming along. When family rallies around it seems things get better.
    I love the composition and colors of the banners in your shot.

  11. Beautiful pictures Kate. And I like your narrative a lot :)

  12. I loved the words you shared here with us along with the pics. Heartening to hear about your sister recovering ....

  13. Anonymous5:50 PM

    A beautiful photo with even more beautiful thoughts ... I very happy for you that your sister is recovering.

  14. Hi Kate!
    Hope you're doing fine and I'm glad to hear abut your sister getting better.
    I missed you a lot but was a bit busy in my part of the world hence not visiting your lovely corner in your part of the world!
    Lot's of changes on your page, very impressive. Lovely and lively colours, it feels like you are all right!
    Have lovely weekend =)
    Love J xx

  15. I love this photo and what you said. Everything there is tender and delicate. As you.

  16. very very nice! what a lovely idea...

    warm regards to your sister.

  17. I like these a lot, and the top one is really pleasing, something about all the lines and patterns, both near and far.

  18. great to hear your sister is doing well! I hope your photos will in some way brighten her day - this is really beautiful


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