Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Macalester College is a small liberal arts college with a fine reputation. This house as well as another has been moved next to the athletic field, a move that I do not understand. Usually the college has expanded into the neighborhood, which has caused consternation among homeowners, but this looks as though they are moving these building onto the campus. A mystery which I'll need to research.


  1. Maybe it's college housing for the athletics team. That way they no excuse for turning up at practice.

  2. the way the houses are being moved fascinates me!

  3. denton9:55 AM

    Welcome back from your time in Mexico ... We had a similar move of a house next to a baseball stadium. The house was the home of a deceased famous (infamous) local baseball player, Shoeless Joe Jackson. I understand the plan to make the house into a museum.

  4. fascinating business.


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