Friday, September 22, 2006


While I'm thinking about it, I thought I'd write. It's always interesting to me to see which posts get the most comments. Sometimes it surprises me. Those that I like occasionally receive very few hits whereas others get more than I had expected. Anyone else wonder about this? Not exactly an earth-shattering question, but I find it fascinating. Week-ends are not good times to post, I've learned. Have a great week-end folks; stay out of trouble!!


  1. You are a loyal visitor of my blog Kate, thanks so much. It's good a reflexive post, a day to think. Yes, some posts give us nice surprises and get more comments we expected. Soon I will comment in spanish here.

    Hasta luego amiga. (see you soon friend)

    Greetings from Perú

  2. The world is a crazy place. I can't say that I think about it. I've got too many other things to think about!

    Have a great weekend you too, Kate. And most importantly, stay out of trouble! :)

  3. Personally my DP blog does not draw a lot of comments but I am very pleased with the number of visits. Most satisfying to me is when my blog is found by a Google search and the reader then looks at over 100 photos in a single setting. However, I have to admit I like the comments as well. They make the feedback more personal.

    In my experience comments result from leaving comments at other sites while making it easy for the reader to comment. For example asking a question or presenting a photo with something to comment about. Eric (from the Paris DP) once suggested that post which are personal encourage more comments. For example "last night we dined at xyz restaurant" vs "xyz restaurant can be found at 101 main street".

  4. Kate, I guess you read my mind too. I'm always surprised by what interests others. I guess that's what makes the world go round. Have a great, relaxing weekend.

  5. We have exactly same experience, Kate. I remember talking same thing with Meg while ago. We too fascinate who people saying about the picture, and how people react to commentary text. We are always lean something from it, so all kind of comments are welcome!

    Have a nice weekend to you.

  6. It seems to me that newcomers to a blog comment because something in a post speaks to them. People who have visited the blog several times start to feel a connection to/a relationship with the blogger and leave their comments for conversational purposes. They want a response. They want engagement.


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