Monday, September 04, 2006

Australian Battered Potatoes!!-State Fair

I deliberately made a stop at the Australian Battered Potatoes Vendor at the State Fair on Saturday in response to comments on my August 6th post. Description: Large potatoes cut in half, then deep fried after they were dipped and coated with some kind of batter. They could be eaten plain or with different kinds of dressing. I thought they looked particularly nasty and passed on eating this delicacy myself. Okay, Aussie's--look familiar??


  1. looks yummie =)

  2. Anonymous7:42 PM

    They look like moo-joos. Basically, the same thing and you eat them with ranch dressing. Yum!


  3. I could gain ten pounds happily eating these!

  4. Yes, they look like potato cakes (or potato scallops depending what state you are in), Very fattening, and like many things very fattening, very yummy. Much depends on the freshness and quality of the batter and the oil in which they are cooked.

    Here's my potato cake pic:

  5. Hmm ... it looks yummy. Nyam nyam nyam :)

  6. -Never seen them in my life, and I'm an aussie! Interesting though, I love potatoes.

  7. That looks incredibly greasy and I'm sure it's very tasty. I'm getting hungry now.

  8. Yea, you can post again! I saw your cry for help in the group help forums.

    These potatoes look wonderful. Fair food is EXPECTED to be high calorie, high fat, high carb. Thats why we go. The one time of year you can eat the yummy stuff guilt free.

  9. These remind me of my great appreciation for potato pancakes - which are delicious even when they're made with little fat.

    Like you, I would have passed on eating these, but then I pass on eating anything made at a fair.

  10. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Hi Kate, I thought they looked pretty good when I was at the fair so I tried them. I got them with ranch and cheese. I have to say they were not bad but not quite fair worthy.

  11. Andrew9:37 PM

    My aunt Carmel actually owns the Australian Battered Potato booth at the fair, and she operates out of the San Diego County Fair and Orange County Fares too!

    I used to travel the fairs with her, but I haven't worked the fair in MN for about 6 years, and was randomly googling "Australian Battered Potatoes" which is how happened upon this site.

    I live in Sydney, and here we call them potato scallops. You tend to eat them with chips at the beach, but with vinegar and salt, not ranch and cheese...haha

    Anyhow, hope you all get a chance to try them some time...

    p.s. Cool site : )


  12. Next stop, Spam Curds!

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  13. Not sure how you could be an Aussie and not know potato cakes as they are known in Victoria (Potato scallops everywhere else). Every fish and chip shop sells them.
    One correction they are not potatoes cut in half. They are slices from large potatoes approximately a 1/4 thick.
    Ranch dressing would be considered sacrilege in Australia, as would the cheese sauce I have been offered at the fair.
    The only accepted condiments would be vinegar and ketchup (otherwise known as Tomato Sauce/Dead Horse).
    I was home in Australia on vacation yesterday when my girlfriend sent me a photo of the stand at the Minnesota State Fair, I immediately walked down to the fish and chip shop and ordered a piece of battered Flake (Shark) and 3 Potato cakes. Yum.


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