Saturday, September 02, 2006


Average man on the street? I am constantly amazed at how quickly people comply when I ask them if I can take a picture. So far, no-one has asked for an explanation nor for the address of my blog, if I explain to them what I'm doing. Perhaps I just look harmless?? Trustworthy??


  1. You probably do look trustworthy, especially with a camera in hand. But I think people are also flattered.

    I like this. I took a somewhat similar picture while at a stoplight June 10th. My guy didn't have a big flag on his back, but he did have other interesting stuff.

  2. this is great... shots of people. I have yet to ask someone for permission. good job!

  3. I agree with Marie, i think most people are simply flattered.

  4. I have never been told off when I asked somebody to take a photo of them, yesterday I even had a smile from the pizza man, the waiter thought I was from newspaper, funny because my camera is tiny.

    Nice shot.

  5. Your word is our law. It's as simple as that.


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