Thursday, September 14, 2006


This formerly private home has been converted into a very fine restaurant on the edge of Irvine Park. This particular view is the side entrance close to the parking lot.Haven't been there in years because when I ate there before I thought it was somewhat pretentious. I'll have to go back again soon to re-evaluate. Perhaps my first impression was faulty. But, there's nothing wrong with its architectural beauty.


  1. thats a beautiful house! you know I always wanted to live in such houses, though I prefer a much smaller one. but haven't really seen one in person, the new houses here though modern and some even imitating european or american houses are not quite the same as I see on tv or pictures like yours.

    have a nice day!

  2. one can not guess it's a restaurant, cleverly disguise.

    surely the atmosphere must be very homely inside.

  3. Beautiful building. Looks like you're having the same kind of cloudy weather as VA right now.

  4. Having a cup of tea on the veranda would be nice.

  5. Nice Photo of this place.


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