Sunday, June 05, 2016

Saluting Women #11

After meeting Chris Cutler through blogging on City Daily Photo nine years ago,  I finally got to met her in Minneapolis where Chris attended a convention for travel writers last month. When we first exchanged posts online Chris and her husband Mike lived in Nashville where she owned a shop called Blue Moon.  Eventually after Mike retired, they and their Welsh Terrier, Riley,  moved to Las Vegas.  Chis is a teacher, traveler, photographer, travel guide, and editor.  After finding the Italian village of her ancestors, Chris travels there as often as possible to research and write about her grandmother. 

Visit Chris' newest blog and Facebook page to see more photos and to learn more interesting details about her life !

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  1. Nice portrait, Kate! She appears to be a delightful and educated woman with a lot to offer. So glad you got a chance to meet her in person.

  2. Another excellent tribute!

  3. An excellent portrait!

  4. What a nice portrait of an interesting woman! She certainly sounds like someone who'd be fun to meet in person.

  5. Interesting lady, then again you are too. nice that you got to meet.


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