Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blooming Butterflies #2

This "paper kite" (Idea leuconoe) is part of the butterfly exhibit I described on my blog yesterday. Scroll down to see it and another butterfly!

Camera Saga Continues: I won't go into excruciating detail, but I STILL am without my camera and am still using my son's. The painful story began on May 15th when I dropped it for repairs at a local repair shop that couldn't fix it nor were they particularly communicative about their lack of progress; it's now sitting at a Canon shop somewhere in America and I'm waiting for its eventual return, hoping that it will be in good working order!!


  1. il est magnifique ce papillon, on avait les mêmes (enfin il me semble) dans le jardin de mes grands-parents.
    it is splendid this butterfly, they had the same (finally he seems to me) in the garden of my grandparents.

  2. Another great butterfly shot, sorry for your camera, Canon solidarity!
    You did well even with your son's.

  3. Wonderful, even without your Canon.

  4. Well done - those are not easy to get!

  5. A real beauty. What a wingspan!!

  6. Anonymous3:00 PM

    It is also another magnificent butterfly. You are doing very well the other camera. Hope they fix your Canon soon.

    It has been blistering hot here for a couple of weeks but has cooled off now so we are looking and hoping the birds come around and bring their butterfly friends.

  7. Beautiful photo, Kate.
    (If your canon went to Ill. to be fixed, you should have good results. Good luck with it!)

  8. What a super butterfly, it contrasts well with the flower.

    Still no camera?! It should be bionic when you get it back!


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