Friday, June 12, 2009

Postcard Friday-#1

What better way to start a new meme, "Postcard Friday", than with the city in which I live. These postcards depict only part of this city so if you want to know and see more, visit Visual St. Paul daily! For more bloggers who are interested in vintage postcards, click here.

"In the morning the city
Spreads its wings
Making a song
In stone that sings.

In the evening the city
Goes to bed
Hanging lights
About its head."

---Langston Hughes


  1. Howdy
    Happy Postcard Friendship Friday to you .
    Great cards.
    Fridays are so much fun you can travel the world ,meet and greet really awesome people and be back in time for work ,school,dinner,etc.
    Liked the words you shared by Langston Hughes.
    Have a fantastic weekend.
    happy trails

  2. Thanks for sharing the postcards from your hometown and especially for the beautiful poem by Langston Hughes. For me he is one of the three best American poets.

  3. belle collection de cartes postales, j'ai pas réussi a bien traduire le poème de L.Hughes, je vais chercher sur Internet
    nice collection of postcards, me succeeded has definitely translate the poem of L.Hughes, I am going to search on Internet

  4. I usually post old postcards to show the difference, or the lack of it, with the present day photo.

  5. Welcommmme! I'm so excited to meet you and your blog:) I'm going to have a blast learning more about St Paul! Happy PFF! WHat a perfect post!

  6. It looks like a lovely place! I have so much to learn about the USA.

  7. Do people still send postcards? I like to look through the old postcards at the Canton Trade Days. Its giant citywide flea market.

  8. Nice arrangement of postcards. I collect Minneapolis postcards. I usually ignore St. Paul but think I'll look for one of the X. (Nothing else starts with that letter).

    I like your dog photos too.

  9. This may be a good alternative to Skywatch.

  10. I have been wanting to visit your town for so many years - I've only been to the wonderful airport :) Thanks for the postcards!

  11. Happy PFF! What a nice collection!

  12. Happy PFF. Thanks for sharing so many great cards

  13. Happy PFF! Beautiful cards of your hometown and wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Lovely postcards....

    Have a beautiful weekend.


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