Sunday, March 20, 2016

Saluting Women #2-Leon

Mystery Novelist, Donna Leon

Donna Leon is one of my favorite mystery novelist whom I photographed in April, 2011,  at Barnes and Noble, Southdale. She is a writer who lives in Italy, which is the setting for her novels. If you haven't already, read Leon's books, beginning with the first one published and proceeding through the rest of the 15 books she has written.  This way you get to know the main characters, watch their development and the dynamics among the ones who appear regularly in all of her novels. Following the growth of the family of Commissario Guido Brunetti's family is worth reading in chronological order.  Check here for more information about her.

Click here for an explanation of this new series of mine, Saluting Women.


  1. A great portrait of her!

  2. What an attractive lady. I take it though she lives in Italy, she is an American? I was looking for something to read on my trip. For some reason I seem to always pick a book about dysfunctional families. Maybe it makes ones life seem more normal?

    1. Definitely get books by Donna Leon. If you don't have a Kindle, get one and load up on her books. I like her because she keeps the violence off the page. She also has her characters reading great meals and even co-authored a cookbook with a chef! Yes, she is an American who has lived in Italy for years!!

  3. I admire writers so much Kate and thank heavens for them every time I read a good book!

  4. I'm sure I would enjoy her books. But my book shelves are overflowing with unread material now... :(

  5. I have read one of her books and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll get more.

  6. Nice portrait! Like Jacob I have so many unread books right now. I'm feeling guilty. But she may well replace Sue Grafton once we've sadly come to "Z."

  7. I have read many of her books set in Venice. The earlier ones seemed stronger to me.


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