Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shopping at the Market

A wonderful way to shop and transport your flowers!

The saga of the camera continues. For a current update, check yesterday's (5/23/09)post.


  1. Good sunny Sunday morning, Kate!
    Clever way to arry flowers!

    We are in the town, not in the summer cottage, because I am going to see Melli (now 1 years 10 months )tomorrow.
    I took photos about flowering bird cherries and tried to catch by my camera European pied flycatcher, but he is so much quicker than I am :)

    Very happy Sunday to you, Kate!

  2. We both had a bicycle and flowers in our post today. A few more flowers in yours (smile).

  3. what a great, quaint way to transport flowers and other goods to your home. very green!


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