Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This is the bike that my son is going to fine-tune for his nephew, my grandson. But before he does that, he's going to remove the rack and attach it to my faithful, old-fashioned Schwinn so that I can go shopping without hauling the grandkids' outgrown Burley. I bought it to pull them around when they were small, but now I use it for more practical reasons; with each passing year, it gets heavier!! Anyone in the market for a used Burley?!

Added later: For the uninitiated and for those unfamiliar with a Burley, click here.


  1. Sorry, I don't know what a burley is.
    This looks like a terrific bike. Your grandson is fortunate.

  2. If I knew what a Burley was, I might know if I wanted to buy one :)

    This is a neat gift your son is giving to your grandson.

    Been missing you

  3. j'avoue ne pas comprendre ce que veux dire "Burley". Un vélo, pour un futur Greg LeMond.
    I confess not to understand that want to tell "Burley". A bike, for future Greg LeMond.

  4. Those Schwinns are hard to beat! You go shopping by bike?

  5. I had to look up Burley, thankfully I am not in the market for one.

  6. Very cool bike!

    Answering to your question about the use of blue on tiles, I don't believe there is a technical reason for that. Most of them were inspired on the white and blue china, so maybe it was just a question of 17th and 18th centuries fashion.

  7. I think a burley is one of those things you can drag kids (or other stuff) in behind your bike.

    This will be a nice ride once it's fixed up!

  8. I ought to, but I'm afraid I'm to far away :-)

    PS thank you for the comment! I must admit that I had to Google for the poem, but everyone feel that life begins anew when they see the small lambs. BTW, on my Norwegian blog there is more of them. Don't mind the Norwegian text. There is not much of it anyhow.

  9. Anonymous2:50 PM

    I am like you. I got a hundred speed Schwinn Mountain Bike and only use three speeds. I don't have a need for the thingamajig you got for sale but I was going to tell you I have a carrier thingy over the rear tire and I used smaller bungee cords to keep things on there until I get where I am going. I don't know if I will ever be able to ride my bike again. I asked Patty about it this morning and she said we would have to wait and see if I ever get to breathe easier.

  10. Kate, I have been away for a while, so now I have gone through a number of posts about camera, bikes, the Blue Cat...

    This particular bike looks really nice! Living in Paris, I have got rid of my car, started to use some of the 30.000 bikes that now are available in Paris (take here, leave there), but have now rather opted for a small electrical motor bike! Reaally nice and I can park anywhere! :-)


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