Tuesday, May 26, 2009

west side of St. Paul-Latino Community

When I feel lonesome for Mazatlán,all I need to do is go to the west side of St. Paul, which is a Latino community that has tiendas and mercados that are very similar to Mexican towns. Starting this week, I'll begin tutoring for English language learners, all adults, who need to improve for economic and social reasons. I've done this before, and I know that they are all highly motivated and so grateful for any help!


  1. Hi Kate, beautiful picture of this coffee shop and your reflection, the name is so poetic. Your tutoring is a great job, an example! Greetings from MC.

  2. elle est belle cette fenêtre, avec ses enseignes, très graphique

    it is beautiful this window with its signs, very graphic

  3. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Howdy. This is a nice thing to do.

  4. 'Gato azul' are also the portuguese words for blue cat. Similarities with our neighbours... :-)

  5. Nice coffee shop for you to relax and reflect...
    and what a kind thing for you to do, angels are everywhere:)

  6. Gato Azul sounds like a nice place. And yay to you for volunteering. What a wonderful way to spend your spare time!


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