Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Two Former Students

>St. Paul is not a teeming metropolis nor is it a village either. After living in our neighborhood since 1976 I frequently see the same people. Sometimes, however, there are some pleasant surprises. Last week several former students introduced themselves to me as we met in the 'hood, and it was a delight to see them again as young adults rather than high school students, altho I enjoyed them quite a bit when they were in my classroom. The young woman on the left, Katherine, graduated in 1991 and I hadn't seen her since then. What a pleasant surprise! Robin, on the right, I see quite often because she is the aquatic director in the community center that I frequent. She has even taught my grandchildren! Imagine; who would have guessed over 20 years ago that our paths would still be crossing!!


  1. voilà deux rencontres sympathiques, que de souvenir a vous raconter
    here are two nice meetings, which of memory has tell you

  2. Life is full of "chance meetings" such as those.


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