Friday, October 17, 2008


Recently I spent a few days substituting at my former school, an activity which I don't do often anymore altho I still miss my colleagues and the students. I wandered to the library to get some ideas for the November theme day, but nothing unique really stands out...yet. Take a look at the art work on the top shelf; the paintings and pots are all students' work. The school has a fantastic art department, and students' work at all levels (6th thru 12th grades) are proudly posted all over the school: classrooms, meeting rooms, lounges, offices, and halls plus the formal gallery. I probably should spend more time photographing and using art for my own photo theme instead!


  1. j'aime beaucoup les peintures, surtout celle du grand Miles.

    I love paintings, especially the great Miles.

  2. Everything that can be done to support art and students' wish to create is laudable!!

  3. Nice idea Kate...
    The paints are so pretty...
    "Bravo aux étudiants !"

    See You later...

  4. Yeah, I haven't had any inspiration for the Nov. book theme yet either...

  5. It's good to know that there are still schools who not only have an art department, but encourage students in their creative endevours.

    As for your November book theme, it's too bad your about 5 hours north of me--the Wisconsin Book Festival is going on through the weekend, and you'd surely find plenty of inspiration!

  6. I love seeing what the youth of today can produce. Its great that your school highlights their efforts.

  7. Kate, I like your focus on art ... especially pleasing when young artist are highlighted.

    I browsed through your photos, for the past 30 days, I get the impressing you know who you are going to vote for (smile).

  8. I love the art of Children, and really encourage it with my grandchilden.

    Several of them enjoy doing watercolor with me.


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