Saturday, October 18, 2008

Student Art-#2

Yesterday I posted library books with student art displayed in the same area. It occurred to me that students' art would make a great theme. For the next few days, I'll post student artwork in the school where I formerly taught in the literature department. This photo is just a small portion of a library mural. The smaller photo puts it in perspective so you can see the entire wall. Would you believe that faculty members posed for the human figures in this Garden of Eden?!


  1. Were they nude or hiding in the bushes???

    That just made me smile thinking of kids paiting Adam and Eve...and teachers being the models....

  2. Anonymous3:27 AM

    The story of Adam and Eve is beautiful. I like it.

    Also the sound works now for the Great Blue Heron.

  3. Hello Kate !
    Nice pictures, yes...
    Garden of Eden ? Adam and Eve ??? Where is the snack and the apple ???

  4. Anonymous11:04 AM

    If the snake has disappeared,
    they have eaten the apple and they
    are dressed a bit.

  5. Hmmmm...Kate, is that you posing as Eve? Anyhow, the mural is beautiful...adds a lot to the library wall.

  6. Some resemblance with Le Douanier Rousseau, don't you think so?
    Like you, I think this November theme around books quite difficult, no idea for the moment...
    It would be easier if the theme was "windows and shutters", you and me have some shots in reserve! ;-)
    I wish you a good week end.

  7. it's a good idea to get students to do their murals, show off their talents.

  8. Kate, this is such a nice display of students talent and skill. I imagine working on it is something they will not soon forget.


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