Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cast Iron Turbine: Weight 15 Tons (1924-1994)

This 15 ton cast iron turbine has a rotation speed of 100 RPM's, 4,500 horsepower. This is one of 4 turbines Ford Motor Company installed in 1924 at the hydro electric plant on the Mississippi in St. Paul. The turbines were replaced between 1992-1994 after 70 years of service. This one water-driven turbine produced 1,341,776,000 kilowatt hours (KWB) of electricity in its lifetime. This offset the burning of 286,000 tons of coal and avoided 470,000 pounds of particulates, 4,589,000 pounds of sulphur dioxide and 5,340,000 pounds of nitrogen oxide (Information taken from plaque on the turbine).


  1. Hello Kate !
    great shot !
    And thank You for the history of this turbine...

    Have a good day !

  2. Anonymous8:01 AM

    A big part of history and very good sign of a ability of the mankind.
    Thank you for your visit my Aminus blog and watching some Kiki photos too!
    I wish a nice Sunday to you and your family!

  3. I do hope thy retain the Ford site for future industrial work. The infrastructure is already there, and they can produce and sell off their electricity. The last thing we need is more high brow condominiums.

  4. What an interesting post, Kate. I'm glad that you shared it with us. And I like your reaction to the dog and the Flippy Flopper--thanks.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Kate...

    What an interesting post you have today. A real history lesson.

  6. This is very interesting Kate. Glad to know this turbine burning of 286,000 tons of coal is not polluting anymore.

  7. wow... HUGE THING... impressive.

  8. That is fascinating Kate. I don't normally think about the power output made possible by the Mississippi. Oregon is looking into 'wave' energy.

  9. If someone were to have told me that was a work of art by a world-class artist, I would have believed them. Its great.


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