Monday, December 17, 2007


This nutcracker in Rice Park in downtown St. Paul is the same decoration that was one of the figures in the Christmas display last year. Although it is an attractive holiday icon, I was a mite disappointed that the decorations were not different. An aside: I haven't posted for the past few days and will probably post sporatically for awhile. I've been to three funerals this past week, and yesterday one of my favorite people on earth died. Puts quite a damper on the holiday cheer.


  1. {{{Kate}}}

    So sorry to hear of the many losses you've suffered this month. I hope you will find some comfort in your memories, and in knowing so many are thinking of you. {{{HUGS}}}

  2. Quite interesting figure.
    Have a nice week ahead Kate.

  3. Sorry to hear about your bad news, Kate.
    I hope that being around your friends and family help you through it.
    Sincere sympathies -

  4. How terrible kate - I'm so sorry for your losses. For some reason losing people at Christmas makes it even sadder as this is the time of the year we celebrate family and friends. Take care and be brave!!

  5. Oh Kate, I'm so sorry to hear that. I will be thinking of you and wish I could give you some warm hugs. {{hugs}}

  6. Sorry to hear about all this! Trust that you will somehow enjoy Xmas anyhow, maybe in a different way this year then!

  7. godbless the friends you've recently lost.

    how are you kate? it's been ages I know. and yeah, I understand the slight disappointment over the same Nutcracker. The same here in KL. The stores that used to have the best ornaments aren't very 'best' this year. But that hasn't stopped me from putting up my tree with the same old baubles. Still looks fabulous.

    have a great holiday my dear :)

  8. en effet un triste noël pour toi, cela ne donne pas envie de fêter noël, je te comprends.

    Indeed a sad Christmas for you, it does not want to celebrate Christmas, I will understand.

  9. Anonymous6:17 AM

    I am sad to learn of your losses and I hope you can get through it all with some comfort in remembering the good times you had. Have a good week. And take your time.

  10. so sorry to hear of the loss of so many people lately, and especially one so very close to you. Why do these things always happen near Christmas, Kate? Why do they happen?

    I like the wooden man but then I didn't see him last year.

    Kate, I see your header has shrunk. I've written about the fix for it on the Forum.It's simple to put right. It's a Blogger problem in that they've changed something.

  11. Kate -
    Sorry for your losses, it is tough at this time of year, but hopefully you can spend more time with people over the holidays and remember your friends together.

    Take care,
    - Mitch

  12. Oh Kate, that must have really rocked your world. so sorry to hear of your losses, 1 is bad enough, (we are off to my father in law's funeral on Friday) but 3 at this time of year.... strength to you!!


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