Monday, August 27, 2007

Tribute to Aunt Alice

Sunday, August 26, was the last day of a 3-Day Walk in the Twin Cities to raise money for breast cancer research. I observed several thousand participating women and some men walking part of the 60-mile course on Summit Avenue. There were cheering onlookers, safety guards at busy intersections, pit stops, and a luncheon area on the University St. Thomas University's St. Paul campus. If like me you thought these marches were only on Mother's Day, check out this website for more information. The walk is scheduled for many cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Seattle--just to name a few.


  1. I like the shot, it gets the message across.

  2. At our health fair this weekend there was a booth on cancer awareness and much information on cancer survivors.
    Nice tribute to Aunt Alice.

  3. Bonne idee cette marche pour trouver des fonds pour la recherche contre le cancer du sein. Meme si je reste persuader que l'etat devrait investir plus d'argent dans ces recherches.....

    Good idea this walk to find funds for research against the breast cancer. Same if I remain to persuade that the state should invest more money in this research .....

  4. Anonymous3:50 AM

    A remarkable walk. It must be lots larger than those my wife walks in here. She participates as she is a breast cancer survivor - twice in ten years. She just completed her radiation treatments this past April. Once in each breast. She held up under all of that and we are so proud of her. She even blogs and sometimes blogs about it.

  5. A good cause!!!

    ... and a long march, in - I imagine - hot weather!

  6. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Two important posts, today and yesterday.
    The life is not only good, beautiful things.

  7. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Raising funds for breast cancer is great, and I'm impressed by the level of participation and commitment.
    But getting proper government funds is paramount too. Like Olivier, I believe that govts shouldn't leave such important issues to be catered for by private initiative.

  8. it's an original way to spread a message that often is forgotten.

    have a nice day Kate


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